Combo book pack



Jack & The Bean Stew: A clever and whimsical tale, affirming compassionate and kind deeds – and Bean Stew! The book includes a brief nutrition science lesson about beans as a healthful and earth-friendly protein choice, as well as a recipe for Bean Stew!  Size: 8.5″x 9​  View sample pages

Bring our heartwarming and food-focused fairytale to the kids and students in your life for a positive, hands-on and totally engaging nutrition education experience!


Eating Lean and Green: Beautiful photographs of food, children, animals and nature convey a simple, yet empowering message to kids:  Every individual has the super power to make a difference for animals & the planet… eating “lean and green!”

Kids learn that eating “lean and green” is delicious and easy, with three simple steps,

1) Choose natural foods,    2) Choose organic and    3) Choose mostly plants!

Combo book pack